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Onsemi, VW Collaborating on Next-Gen EV Inverters


Volkswagen is working with onsemi, a developer of intelligent power and sensing technologies, to produce a next-generation front and rear traction inverter for electric-vehicle powertrains. Execs at the companies say the inverters are part of a system optimization that will improve range, reliability and performance.

Onsemi has developed a power module around its EliteSiC 1200, Pietro Scalia, senior director of automotive traction solutions at onsemi, told EE Times. The module is designed with high levels of integration, scalability and flexibility. A 3D design structure enables a family of products with a common interface, he said.

The modules scale in terms of current and voltage ratings, with minimum changes for electrical, thermal and mounting interfaces, Scalia said. Flexibility comes from providing a half-bridge circuit; scalability comes from the ability of the same package to accommodate different chip quantities and sizes.

onsemi’s Pietro Scalia.
onsemi’s Pietro Scalia

“This makes our modules very scalable and modular for different customer platforms,” Scalia said. “Reliability and high-efficiency performance make it a top performer in the market, enabling the extra miles in the EV, which our customers value. Scalability and flexibility are essential because OEMs typically don’t just design one powertrain for an EV. They develop platforms that scale to cover multiple types of vehicles with different performance and price points.