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LEM launches a new DC energy meter for DC wallbox EV charger


LEM will use PCIM 2023 to give the global e-mobility market advance notice of its new DC energy meter for DC wallbox chargers of electric vehicles (EVs). The DCBM 100 energy meter, which complies with all latest metrology regulations, will be made available on the EU market in Q3 of this year.

The new DC energy meter is anticipated to be of particular interest to makers of EV chargers in order to enable kWh-based billing when charging in public or semi-public locations, given the continued rapid growth of the e-mobility sector. Energy metering systems must be included onto destination DC chargers in accordance with rules like the 2014/32/EU Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), German Eichrecht calibration law, or French national regulation in order to provide kWh-based billing of charging sessions. Because it encourages accessibility, fairness, and price transparency for all users during the charging process of electric vehicles, kWh-based payment is becoming more and more necessary and enforced.

Either AC electricity or DC power can be used to charge EVs. Because it gets around the power restriction of the on-board charger used in AC charging, DC charging via a wallbox has a number of advantages over AC charging. As a result, charging takes place faster and services like vehicle-to-grid (V2G) are simpler to access.
An average DC charging power in the region of 30 kW is normally sufficient to recharge most EVs in destination charging applications, where the charging period is typically between one and two hours. DC wallboxes are an essential part of the charging infrastructure that help to satisfy this demand by giving charging point operators (CPOs) realistic charging times at a cost they can afford.

The DCBM 100 DC energy meter is created to guarantee complete transparency and provide end-users trust in the fairness of their kWh-based charging experience thanks to its robust bi-directional energy metering capability that enables V2G. The 11 kW to 30 kW DC wallbox applications have been created exclusively for the future-proof DCBM 100, which offers Class B precision, 1000 VDC, and an 80 A rating in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +80°C. The new meter can be immediately attached to charging cables.
Additionally, the DCBM 100 offers real-time access to additional data (voltage, current, power, and temperature) that is crucial for the development of the kinds of preventative maintenance tools required to minimize downtime for EV chargers. The DCBM 100 offers simple software integration and secure data handling using the newest Open Charge Metering Format (OCMF) as part of LEM’s larger family of direct current billing meters.